Hahn communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data
Hahn Communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data




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Much information is provided by our State Regulatory Authority. From this link you can register for the do not call list, or do not fax list. This site will also allow you to lodge your complaints, comments, or compliments about your state regulated phone or utility companies. This site will also show you area code maps, lata information, and list some of the states pay phone providers, as well as all of the regulated phone companies. Check it out.





Why Are We Different

Hahn Communications represents several telecommunication and provides an "independent" analysis of your needs based on what will work for you! Your business will benefit from the many options that can be afforded to you via several companies.

Most agents represent one company and they are limited to the packaged programs that "that" company offers. This company may have a great program for local calls and a very high long distance rate or maybe a limited calling area, while another company may offer "free" long distance on a limited basis but charge a higher base rate. Hahn Communications however, represents several companies and we can offer the best of many worlds. Our clients have the advantage of "picking and choosing" the features that will serve their needs, rather than a packaged plan with limits.

Once you have decided which plan or plans interest you, Hahn Communications will follow up on the process of getting your plan impletmented and insure a smooth transition. Most other agents will simply dissappear. Our incumbent carrier can take as long as 6 months to implement their discount programs and you have no one to call to hurry the process. With Hahn Communications, you have a agency that "WILL and DOES" follow up on all orders, and after the order is complete, Hahn Communications will follow up to make sure all is working as it is supposed to.

Hahn Communications provides service after the sale as well. We will not dissappear. Your satisfaction is our business and we will be available every day to make sure you are satisfied with your services.

Hahn Communications is able to provide the tools you need to provide your business with the best possible value in the industry without prejudice. Your business is our prime concern, our only concern.


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