Hahn communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data
Hahn Communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data




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Much information is provided by our State Regulatory Authority. From this link you can register for the do not call list, or do not fax list. This site will also allow you to lodge your complaints, comments, or compliments about your state regulated phone or utility companies. This site will also show you area code maps, lata information, and list some of the states pay phone providers, as well as all of the regulated phone companies. Check it out.





Who Am I?

I am Ross Hahn - an independent agent representing several telecommunication companies that provide services and products representing great value for the business community.

Computers and I met in 1985 and the internet and I got aquainted in 1990. I ran my small construction company with computers starting in 1986, producing many of the programs needed to run my business, and since 1986 I have been using computers in my day to day business operations. In 1996 I set up and ran a web site hosting company which I sold in 2002. I have been a small business owner for over 30 years.

My telephone experience started back in the late 50's. Splicing cables and installing telephone service were a way of life. I have seen a lot of changes in the past 40 years, some good; some bad. The telecommunications industry is an ever changing industry.

One change; all these mergers? How do you suppose anyone can keep up with all the mergers? Does anyone even know who owns who now, do the owners even know?

How about the way telephone companies do business today? Sure is different. The biggest change has to do with the technology. Technology has come a long way. Services and features we only dreamed about are now a reality. Along with the technology has come other things such as our phones being answered by computers, customer service that is no longer service to the customer, but rather service for the companies that are supposed to do the service. Gone are the days of honest and knowlegeable customer service reps. What ever happened to the good ole days?

Here at Hahn Communications those days have returned. WE cut through all that RED TAPE and PUSHING NUMBERS ON THE PHONE. There is still an old fashion guy doing business the old fashion way. Honesty, integrity, and above all, customer service and satisfaction. The customer comes first with Hahn Communications.

I am associated with several companies that feel the same way I do. They can and do provide the service that we all expect and futher, rates are affordable and the products are top notch.

I represent companies that provide local and long distance telephone service, Fast Access internet (DSL), T-1 Trunk Lines, internet pressence (hosting services), domain name hosting, web site hosting and design services, and credit card processing, including the processing equipment if needed, to name just a few.

I am here to provide you with the best possible service with the best possible value for your dollar, and I am commited to you as a customer.

The links on this page will direct you to the best value the communications industry has offer.


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