Hahn communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data
Hahn Communications, delivering your message to the world via voice and data
Voice Over Internet now Available
Telphone Service for your HOME

DSL up to 6.0

Wireless Internet

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Telephone Service is Now Available for Your Home

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These pages contain helpful telecommunications information, information about who Hahn Communications is, and how we can service your business, and how to contact us.

This page contains important links, such as the link to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority which controls all of the utilities in the state; including the telephone companies, links to important information for Cinergy, Z-tel and Access customers.

The links will lead you to information about the varied services offered by Hahn Communications and what is available in the telecommunications market.

Please enjoy your visit here and if you have a comment, complaint, suggestions, whatever; please feel free to EMAIL ROSS.


Important Link

Much information is provided by our State Regulatory Authority. From this link you can register for the do not call list, or do not fax list. This site will also allow you to lodge your complaints, comments, or compliments about your state regulated phone or utility companies. This site will also show you area code maps, lata information, and list some of the states pay phone providers, as well as all of the regulated phone companies. Check it out.





Welcome to Hahn Communications

Hahn Communications provides our clients with an independent analysis of their telecommunication needs. We use a selection of providers to ensure the highest value and lowest cost products and services. Rarly will one company be the "best value" in every arena. Customer service is our main criteria.

Hahn Communications will analyze your current telecommunication program and provide suggestions and solutions based on your business needs and desires, NOT some pre-determined high priced packaged program.

Hahn Communications is able to provide the tools you need to provide your business with the best possible value in the industry without prejudice. Your business is our prime concern, our only concern.


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The links listed below are direct links to web sites that will provide you with information about the various subjects.

The links to your left will take you to a page that will provide you with information about the various options that are available.





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Access Ross.com
Information regarding Access Integrated Networks

TL Access.net
Information regarding DSL

Information about Long Distance

Access A Host.com Information about hosting your web site

Information about building websites.



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